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Southern Blackforest Map v1.1.1 for FS22

Southern Blackforest – welcome to the edge of the southern Black Forest at 700 meters above sea level. My first map in the LS is a rough replica of my home village and its surroundings, but with many realistic elements….

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Bantikow Map v1.1.1 for FS22

Bantikow – converted map from FS2015 to FS19 and now to FS22 with all standards of the game. It’s time to write the next chapter of the history on this map. Map is converted and modernized from FS15 to FS19….

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International 2+2 Series Tractor v1.1.1 for FS22

International 2+2 – this modification adds a high quality small agricultural tractor for farmers players in FS22. A new upadate was released which improves sound and the physics. International 30 2+2:– Power: 130-170 hp;– Price: $80,000;– Maximum speed: 30 km/h.International…