Credits: Albi

Southern Blackforest – welcome to the edge of the southern Black Forest at 700 meters above sea level. My first map in the LS is a rough replica of my home village and its surroundings, but with many realistic elements. It was important to me to bring in a lot of realism while keeping the structure of the map as simple as possible. Most farms here in the region are mixed farms, i.e. arable farming, grassland and forestry, mainly in winter.

Features Southern Blackforest:
– 3 farms – organic, conventional, horses
– contractors
– 254 lands to buy
– 36 forest areas
– various sales and production sites
– There is water at the local pond and at the village well by the church
– Elevation model of the region from Google Earth
– Precision Farming
– In order for the manure heaps to work on the farms, please sell once and buy again.

Tested on game version 1.13.x