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Carpathian Countryside Map v1.1 for FS22

Carpathian Countryside – is a fictional map inspired by a modern real life agricultural company and its surroundings in western Slovakia. Features Carpathian Countryside:3 Pre-placed farms.– Main Farm – The largest pre-placed farm on the map, consisting of: 2 cow…

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Ostenwalde Map v1.1 for FS22

Ostenwalde – is a diverse and expansive map, offering players a large and varied landscape to explore and cultivate. The map features a mix of arable land, forests, rolling hills, and a picturesque river winding through the countryside. Players will…

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Porsche Turbo S 2014 v1.1 for FS22

Porsche Turbo S 2014 – this modification adds a high quality sport car model for rich farmers with an excelent interior and other good detailes for farmers players in FS22. Features Porsche Turbo S 2014:– Price: $188.095;– Power: 520 hp;–…

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Kandelin At MV Map v1.1 for FS22

Kandelin At MV – welcome to Kandelin, here with us in the Mecklenburg region of Nordvorpommern. Every morning when the sun casts its first light over the vast fields shrouded in mist, the small community of Süderholz comes to life….

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Fairhead Map v1.1 for FS22

Fairhead – a costal map inspired by the real Fairhead in Northern Ireland and adapted for farming simulator. This map features narrow roads with stunning views and over 120 fields primarly consisting of grassland. The map is suited to small…

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Stone Valley 22 Map v1.1 for FS22

Stone Valley 22 – this map is based in illinois in america,It was owned by one farmer but unfortuanatly due to the demand of farming,The owner of the farm has decided it was to much for him so he left…

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Bantikow Map v1.1.1 for FS22

Bantikow – converted map from FS2015 to FS19 and now to FS22 with all standards of the game. It’s time to write the next chapter of the history on this map. Map is converted and modernized from FS15 to FS19….

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Lanz Bulldog HR8 Series Tractor v1.1 for FS22

Lanz Bulldog HR8 Series – was a line of tractors produced by the German company Heinrich Lanz AG between 1938 and 1960. The HR8 series was the last and most powerful line of Bulldog tractors produced by the company, and it…

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Ostseekuste 22 Map v1.2.0.1 for FS22

Ostseekuste 22 – welcome to baltic sea. The landscape is characterized by hills and hedges. There are small and big farmers. Small or big farmer? Its your decision. You got all possibilities to be there. Features Ostseekuste 22:– 66 Fields…

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Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.1 for FS22

Departement Haut Beyleron – if you like the original Haut Beyleron but it’s too small for you, then the department (county) Haut Beyleron might be right for you. Great for multiplayer. With the department (district) Haut Beyleron you get a…

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Geiselberg TP Map v1.1 for FS22

Geiselberg TP – here is modified version of the map added for farmers players in FS22. Ideal map for thoose who love to work in public roads. The map will take you to Geiselberg, which is part of the municipality…

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Krone Cool Liner Trailer v1.1 for FS22

Krone Cool Liner – is a semi-trailer added for farmers players in FS22. Is the right answer for every transport task. They stand for robustness down to the smallest detail and for maximum cost-effectiveness. The trailer’s insulation, refrigeration unit, and…