Credits: Razak, ProjektMecklenburg17

Kandelin At MV – welcome to Kandelin, here with us in the Mecklenburg region of Nordvorpommern. Every morning when the sun casts its first light over the vast fields shrouded in mist, the small community of Süderholz comes to life. Become part of this community and take up the challenge. “Start where others stop” – farming around Kandelin offers diverse and challenging opportunities, from small farmers to large-scale operations with agricultural areas of up to 140 hectares. Discover the villages and the surrounding area as part of the contracting company, expand your business or enjoy the simple farmer’s life on the idyllic sheep farm.

Features Kandelin At MV:
– 48 fields and 9 meadows
– 8 game farms with 4 BGAs (BGA must be purchased separately)
– Various production and sales points.
– 4 forests
– 3 purchasable solar parks
– pre-installed wind turbines can be purchased separately
– and much more…