Credits: M.Artemov

Burlaki Village (Село Бурлаки) – russian map based on real terrain. but due to the limited size, it was significantly redesigned, and also for the sake of performance it was slightly simplified. The center of the Burlakovsky rural settlement – the village of Burlaki is located in the north of the Prokopevsky municipal district on both sides of the Krivoy Uskat River, which forms the Burlakovsky Pond in this place. According to the data of the third revision census of the population of Russia, the village of Burlakova already existed in 1763. 

Features Burlaki Village:
– Converted from FS19 to FS22;
– 4x card;
– Diverse terrain;
– 57 fields of different sizes;
– 2 settlements;
– 2 career;
– All standard productions, some modified;
– Standard crops + peas, buckwheat and carrots. Equipment for harvesting carrots included;
– Unique traffic;
– 11 private houses and 29 apartments that you can enter;
– Many unique objects;
– Two main farms: Repair and tractor workshop and livestock complex;
– Installed benchmark;
– Support for a standard employee;
– Embedded basic courses for AutoDrive;
– Unique state. numbers for both traffic and player;
– Good optimization;
– Ability to completely rebuild farms;
– Test site;
– Various Easter eggs;
– Collectibles;
– Support for separate harvesting of wheat, barley and oats;
– Support for precision farming;
– And much more.

Tested on game version v1.9.x