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Gnadenthal Map v1.5 for FS22

Gnadenthal – is located in Manitoba, Canada. The map is based off the real town of Gnadenthal and the fields around it, but quite a bit of things were changed to improve gameplay. The map features a variety of different…

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Hills View Map v1.0.0.6 By Stevie for FS22

Hills View – a map which was simple and offered beautiful views 360 degrees from the farm. I wanted to maximise space for farming and larger machines to optimise the user space which is map edge to edge for the…

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Dodge RAM W250 1991 v2.0 for FS22

Dodge RAM W250 1991 – was a heavy-duty pickup truck manufactured by Dodge from 1981 to 1993. The 1991 model year offered many upgrades and improvements from the previous years. It featured a 5.9-liter V8 engine that produced 230 horsepower…

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Ringwoods Map v1.0.1.2 by Stevie for FS22

Ringwoods – another top map mod added for farmers players in FS22 from the author Stevie. The map feature’s 2 farms in new farmer mode however they will be cleared in start from scratch and farm manager modes although some…

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Ferme Beyleron Map v2.5 for FS22

Ferme Beyleron – this modification adds an extended farm with large cowshed incl. automatic feeder and manure heap superstructure, large pigsty, large sheep pen, large chicken coop, large horse stable, three large greenhouses incl. additional tanks, large mule silo NL16-22-16000 Multifrucht,…

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BallySpring Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22

BallySpring – is a fictional Irish map based in the West of Ireland with 172 fields, mainly grassland with some arable fields. There are 10 farm yards to choose from. Highly customisable map with all buildings, walls, hedges, fences and…

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Kandelin At MV Map v1.1 for FS22

Kandelin At MV – welcome to Kandelin, here with us in the Mecklenburg region of Nordvorpommern. Every morning when the sun casts its first light over the vast fields shrouded in mist, the small community of Süderholz comes to life….

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Buckland Farm Map v1.0.0.1 for FS22

Buckland Farm – this modification adds a map based on a real life location in somerset. The map is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, creating a realistic and authentic environment for players to explore. The fields are varied in…

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GAZ-3307 Truck v1.0 for FS22

GAZ-3307 – This heavy-duty workhorse is a staple in many virtual farms, thanks to its powerful engine, sturdy build, and versatile capabilities. The GAZ-3307 was first introduced in the Soviet Union back in the 1960s and has since become a…

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Burgenlandkreis Map v1.2.1.2 for FS22

Burgenlandkreis – Welcome to the Burgenlandkreis, a region in the south of Sachsen-Anhalt. Adjacent to the Saale/Unstrut wine region.The map was modeled on the region with 2 real villages and 1 fictitious commercial area. Features Burgenlandkreis Map:– 67 fields incl. meadows– 19…

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Fairhead Map v1.1 for FS22

Fairhead – a costal map inspired by the real Fairhead in Northern Ireland and adapted for farming simulator. This map features narrow roads with stunning views and over 120 fields primarly consisting of grassland. The map is suited to small…