Credits: Bzh Modding, TMP, PixelFarm, Oscar_8599

Azura – you will surely recognize parts of this map as it is a modification of Holmåkra 22 map. You will find many new features in this modification. Some parts have been completely redone, you will be able to “saw” your wood and decide to sell it or take it to a new sawmill to create pallets for 2 prefab cabin construction sites.

Features Azura:
– Laying pipes, 2 prefabricated huts, creating access to cross-country ski fields, access to hut sites and many other objects, from clearing land to crushing stone in a quarry!
– Discover many hidden places like dungeons and glowing balls only at night.
– To take full advantage of the map, the Platinium DLC is highly recommended!

On this map you have multiple versions:
– The “beginner” version will show you many places, such as “construction sites, rides (zipline), abandoned hut), etc. be careful! Not all construction sites and exploration sites are “revealed”, such as underpasses.
– The “Pro” version will not show you anything on the PDA, except for the main game features like a sawmill, a shop or a silo. You have to work on your memory and discover this card without being spoiled.

Tested on game version 1.9.x