Credits: MSModding

Buckland Farm – this modification adds a map based on a real life location in somerset. The map is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, creating a realistic and authentic environment for players to explore. The fields are varied in size and shape, providing opportunities for different farming techniques and equipment. The landscape is also dotted with small ponds and streams, adding to the natural charm and beauty of the area.

Features Buckland Farm:
–  3 farms, cow/sheep/Goats, pig, horse
– Multiple sell points, pub, garden centre, industial park
– 75 different sized fields
– Multiple forests, sawmill, UK themed areas
– Disturbed Simulations for the use of UK GEO Version 5
– OxygenDavid Grass texture
– OxygenDavid Custom lighting
– Oxygendavid New rye crops
– Premium Expansion dlc crops works { Carrots, parsnips, and red beet} – Cross platform
– Animals Grazing Added { cows & sheep & goats } – pc only
– Cow Capacity Upped To 500
– Goweil DLC pack updated – Cross platform
– Extra animals added – Cross platform { permission from Bronkema Toys }
– Goats milk – Cross platform
– Antler 22 Modding – Alfalfa Added
– Manure Heap Added { cows } – Cross platform
– 4D Modding – Eire Agri Modding Custom Slurry Textures
– BulletBill crop textures { Wheat – Canola – Barley – oats}
– Benji FS { maize crops }
– Some minor adjustments to map to help with better performance.
– Some new models designed
– Only custom animal husbandrys work from modhub { with the new animals }

Tested on game version 1.13.x