Credits: Temin, _Man_

Carpathians – is a fictional 4×4 km area that inspired me after visiting the Carpathian Mountains. I tried to take into account the realism of the size, local flora and atmosphere of the Ukrainian village, which is developing according to new technologies of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. The village of Stara Yavorivka is old, large, full of buildings from Soviet times. Nova Yavorivka is just a small village under construction. It has only new houses and a young population. The map is divided into 2 areas the main area with fields, villages and sales points and the area with virgin lands, where plots are cheap, but you will have to create fields and build buildings yourself.

Features Carpathians:
– 59 fields (from vegetable gardens to huge fields);
– 60 plots (from courtyards to large virgin lands);
– 3 yards to start with buildings;
– 1 base with buildings;
– 10 points of sale;
– 1 point of purchase of bulk materials;
– Sheepfold;
– Cattle farm;
– Production of Rybkhoz (trout);
– Production Winery (mead, wine);
– Production of a sawmill (boards, pallets, furniture);
– Production Cement plant;
– Production Mill;
– Unique shop of agricultural machinery;
– Animated gates  gates  garages;
– 3 water towers with free water;
– Many areas with forest;
– Sand quarry;
– Car traffic (European) 

Tested on game version 1.8.x