Credits: Oxygendavid

Court Farm Country Park – this map is based in Banwell Somerset UK. mmerse yourself in the beauty of the English countryside as we discover one of the best maps available. From lush fields to charming villages, Court Farms offers an authentic farming experience. For me, this is the best map to hit FS22, as always Oxygen David sets the bar for all other map creators to aim for.

Features Court Farm Country Park:
– Replica of the real life farm and surroundings.
– Real life PDA map.
– New animals rabbits.
– New wind effects.
– 4 main farms and many more smaller yards.
– Custom lighting and colour grading.
– Animated objects across the map.
– Custom textures pbr with Parralax mapping.
– Custom traffic.
– Over 100 Hd new models made by myself.
– 144 fields with missions – small/medium/large.
– 207 farm lands.
– 3 placeable areas where you can build your own production/farm.
– 9 sell points and BGA sawmill etc.
– Seasons visuals and random events (trees,hedges etc).
– Collectables.
– Highly customizable Uk license plates built into map.
– Custom Foliage and ground textures.
– Custom sounds.
– Interior farm house.
– Precision farming support.
– Mud mod support.
– Uk theme production point chain ( Windmill, bakery).
– New fruit Linseed,Fieldbeans,Rye,Alfalfa.
– MTA support.
– Campsites that can be bought to generate money
– Some smaller yards need to be cleaned out.
– Rabbits in the wildlife

Tested on game version v1.13.x