Credits: Jankus

Dzika Dolina – the map was created solely with my thoughts, what brought my head – I transferred to the card. I hope that the fictional map is no obstacle for you to spend hundreds of hours on it. Has straight and angled fields, with the majority of the latter. Mostly mountainous terrain but there will also be more level areas.

Features Dzika Dolina:
– 100 collectibles;
– 224 agricultural lands;
– 190 fields, including 21 meadows;
– Several forests;
– Very diverse terrain;
– Changed the texture of trees;
– Multiterrain (called 360° Soil);
– 2 farms;
– A couple of areas to build a farm;
– New terrain textures;
– Changed textures for some cultures;
– Changed stubble values along with tire tracks;
– Biogas plant;
– Petrol station;
– Animal dealer;
– Sawmill;
– Small gravel pit;
– Production;
– Equipment store;
– Filling with water from most reservoirs;
– Road and pedestrian traffic;
– About 6 purchases for grain;
– About 1-4 purchases for other crops;
– Polish license plates;
– Changed sowing dates;
– Changed lighting;
– Custom map for Precision Farming;
– And much more, check for yourself.

Tested on game version 1.9.x