Credits: Luan Sleutjes, Lostgamer

Farminopolis Map – is a map based on the Brazilian region located in Jataí, Goiás. The history of the small municipality of Farminópolis goes through a time of great expansion in agriculture, where the small town opens up to big business with new farmers arriving in the region. Be one of these farmers and create great businesses.

Features Farminopolis Map:
– 40 small, medium and large fields, not including some open areas.
– Additional crops: black beans and sorghum.
– Do you need a mechanic? There is a workshop in the city at the end of the street from your house.
– There are 4 grain sales on the map.
– Selling grain near the Limestone Mine.
– Two sales within the city at the end of the street from your house.
– Selling grain on the highway, next to the police.
– In the city you can buy several houses and land to build something new.
– Animal trade right in the city center.
– There is a gas station on the highway.
– Sale of potatoes and beets next to the gas station on the highway.
– For the sale of sugar cane we have a large and famous mill called Farminópolis.
– Bales of cotton, grass, wool, straw and silage can be sold in the store in front of the city monument.
– Account in BGA.
– On the farm we have pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, and also cows nearby.
– The milk selling plant is located in the city center.
– Do you need limestone? There is a mine.
– At the sawmill you can sell logs and wood chips.
– On your farm there is a barn where you can store equipment, equipment and seeds.
– For the card to work you definitely need the Jacto K3500 mod.

Tested on game version 1.13.x