Credits: EdoMod

Italia Emilia – is the result of almost three years of work. The first part was released in 28/03/2021 for Farming Simulator 19, and now the map has been expanded for Farming Simutator 22 with this new version.

Features Italia Emilia:
– Added a trigger to visit Cascina Emilia;
– Added a trigger for unloading Cascina Emilia grapes;
– Added Cantina Italiana grape waste trigger;
– Production of barrels;
– Production of firewood;
– Added S. Marzano fountain trigger;
– Various graphic improvements.
– Trincea Parma (silage trench + shed)
– Trincea alla Ferrovia (silage trench + train loading system)
– Capanno Italia (shed + grain silos + seed and fertiliser storage silos)
– Ovile (sheepfold)
– Stalla Cavalli (horse stable)
– Deposito Forestale (warehouse + stationary chipper + crane for moving logs)
– Deposito Ferroviario (warehouse + grain silos) 

Tested on game version v1.8.x