Credits: Steem (RMG)

Kalinovka – is a fictional card of standard size 2x. The location of fields and villages was based on real terrain, but on a smaller scale. A special feature of the map is the absence of post-Soviet style; all objects are made in the time range of 2000 – 2020. The map is suitable for both fans of classic agriculture and players working with forests.

Features Kalinovka Map:
1. New crops: alfalfa, clover, rye, carrots.
2. 108 plots for purchase.
3. 65 fields with the ability to combine.
4. The map is adapted to Precision agriculture.
5. The map is compatible with the Maize Plus mod.
6. Farmer-style player base with the ability to sell objects.
7. Pedestrian traffic.
8. Unique car traffic.
9. Unique Russian license plates.
10. Unique objects: houses, factories, electrical networks, fences, road signs, etc.
11. Two reservoirs.
12. Sophisticated transport logistics.
13. More than 35 unique pallets with products.
14. Main productions: sugar factory, meat processing plant, dairy plant, oil extraction plant, bakery, juice plant, sawmill, apiary, firewood production, pallet factory, furniture workshop, ketchup, chips and pasta factory.

Tested on game version 1.13.x