Credits: VolgaFS, KOVSH

KamAZ 6520 Manipulator – is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for use in farming simulation games. This mod features a powerful KamAZ 6520 truck with a built-in manipulator crane, making it ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads on the farm. The truck is highly detailed and realistic, with accurate textures and animations that enhance the overall gameplay experience. The manipulator crane is fully functional, allowing players to pick up and move objects with precision and ease.

Features KamAZ 6520 Manipulator:
– Drive wheel configuration: 6×4.
– The engine has a power of 360 horsepower.
– The maximum speed reaches 90 km/h.
– Fuel tank capacity is 360 or 500 liters to choose from.
– Mod settings include a choice of finishes, cabin type (3 options), signaling devices and color schemes for the cabin, cargo platform, manipulator and wheels.
– Equipped with efficient lighting equipment and various animations.
– The truck can get dirty, it can be washed and it is subject to wear and tear.
– Can accommodate two passengers.
– The mod is compatible with the automatic cargo loading function.
– Price category: starts from 86,400 units of game currency.

Tested on game version 1.13.x