Credits: Vector Man

Komatsu / Valmet 911.4 – the 911.4 is part of the legendary wood harvester series that set new standards in the early 2000s. Originally built by Valmet from 2008-2010, Komatsu Forest continued to manufacture this type of wood harvester from 2011-2013. That’s why you can choose between these two brands with a configuration. Extra functions like manual grabbing help to create a more realistic feeling. This mod comes with new custom sounds from an original Valmet 911.4! 

Features Mod:
– Price: $180,000;
– Power: 228 hp;
– Speed: 20 km/h;
– Configurations: brand (Komatsu/Valmet), wheels + tracks.

Changes in v1.2:
– Automatic tree detection added (Platinum Expansion)
– New cut length system added
– Passenger script support added (Kubota Pack)
– Manual header tilt function added
– Model improvements on the engine hood
– Red and Black color values improved
– Light color improved 

Tested on game version 1.8.x