Credits: Coco rico modding, MA7, AndyFarmer

La Campagne Profonde – welcome to the Deep Countryside map, a map designed on the basis of the fully modified Deep Belgium. You will find various crops and agricultural activities, 2 cows dairy farm, a sheepfold, a pigsty, an equestrian center, 2 agricultural cooperative, a sawmill, market gardeners and various things.

Features La Campagne Profonde:
– 43 small and medium fields;
– All the necessary points of sale;
– Beautiful surroundings;
– Traffic and pedestrians.

Changes in v1.1:
– Growth periods of carrots, onions and feed peas are now correct
– Sheep and goat milk production is set up correctly
– Added production of pellets and grain dryer to the sheep and pig farm
– Renewal of the swine swimming area in the box and adjustment of the nutrition plan
– Cooperative Uneal appeared on the PDA
– Vegetable cooperative appeared on the PDA
– Added goat cheese production
– BGA repair
– Addition of 3 pastures 2 for cows and 1 for goats with milk production and a milking machine in the Animal Shop category.

Tested on game version 1.8.x