Credits: ShabaFS

La Coronella Map – a map born from the imagination. Here you can relax among the more than 60 irregular fields and of all kinds of sizes. Among its more than 100 uneven terrains. You will find plots of olive and almond trees and a multitude of factories installed on the map, which will offer you the possibility of producing more than 25 new products registered on this map.

Features La Coronella Map:

La Coronella (Standard):

– Farm installed
– Installed Animal Stables adapted to the map
– Feeding and Animal Husbandry edited
– 2 Biogas Plants
– Dairy Sheep
– Almond trees
– By Products: Sheep Cheese, Almond Oil and Biogas Cylinder
– 2 Pine Plantations
– Various logging areas
– Solar Panel Plot
– Collectibles: 25 Gold Coins and 25 Silver Coins
– Different garages to edit or create your own farm
– Warehouses with filling animation for a multitude of products with a garage included
– Placeable factories to produce, Seeds, Solid Manure, Lime, Mixed Ration and Feed for Pigs
– Points of sale for all kinds of products
– Points of purchase of products necessary to work our lands and to feed our animals

The Coronella (Pro):
– In addition to everything included in the Standard mode
– More than 25 factories installed on the map
– Production of Empty Pallets, which will be necessary for the vast majority of factories
– 2 Greenhouse plots that will need manure
– More than 25 new products. Corn Oil, Melon, Watermelon, Cardboard, Smoothies, Jams…
– Guidance signs in all factories and stables installed
– Edited base game machinery for new products