Credits: ViperGTS96

Lizard Monster Truck – accurately scaled truck and tires. Crab Steering, and Full dynamic suspension, including body roll. Old style monster truck which is still capable of doing work like farming, pulling. *Hidden trailer connections. Truck bed accepts fill and has hydraulics for tipping, the bed also accepts objects via tension belts. Two attachements are included for use in the bed, a liquid fill tank, and rear passenger seats.
Both attachements can be loaded like a pallete by a forklift. The rear seats are enterable and are designed for multiplayer. 

Features Mod:
– Price: $125000
– Horsepower: 950/1100
– Seats Price: $2500
– Liquid Tank Price: $5000
– Capacity: 2000L

Changes in v1.5.0.4:
– Livery options fixed for bed tipping.

Tested on game version 1.9.x