Credits: Peter716

Newpark Farm – this is a fictional map inspired by real-life farms set in the UK added for farmers players.

Features Newpark Farm:
– It has 37 fields ranging in different shapes and sizes.
– It includes 3 Forest areas (can be turned into fields if you wish to) and 2 Farm Yards with Newpark Farm being the main farm, and East Newpark Farm being a smaller farm.
– You can find cows, pigs, and sheep at Newpark Farm plus grain storage and 2 silage pits.
– At East Newpark Farm, you can find pigs and sheep only, and a silage pit.
– Both farms have a fuel tank for refilling your vehicles.
– There is also a small storage yard on the north side of the map for extra storage.
– The sheds and animal pens can be sold at the yards if you wish to, these can also be repurchased.
– A BGA plant can be found on the west side of the map, which includes 2 silage pits.
– You can find a water filling point at the lake in field 37.
– You can sell grain, root crops, timber, and wood chips at Thomas and Sons.
– For the machinery, you can buy and sell them at Taylor’s Agriculture Engineers.
– Animals can be purchased at Newpark Market while bales, wool, and milk can be sold there. 

Tested on game version 1.8.x