Credits: FedAction Letsplay

NF March 4x (North Frisian March) – converted map from FS19 to FS22 with all standards of the game. The NF Marsch map shows the North German landscape from North Frisia. There are dikes here, there are ditches around the fields, and the fields are mostly square. Land has been reclaimed from the North Sea by dams over the past few centuries.

Features NF March 4x:
– Sawmill
– sugar factory
– apple orchard
– pear orchard
– The Cherry Orchard
– plum plantation
– diesel plant
– Fertilizer production
– hay dryer
– Feed production
– Production of liquid fertilizers
– Wastewater treatment plant
– Plant for the production of pellets
– Plant protection products
– Seed production
– Pig feed production
– Brewery
– Pulp and paper mill
– Cement factory
– large fields
– 22 outlets
– 2 BGAs
– New missions
– Plenty of room for all sorts of things

Tested on game version v1.13.x