Credits: MA7Studio

Pallegney – Welcome to French Lorraine! Shared between agricultural plains and wooded groves, rediscover agriculture, livestock, and forestry. This map consists of 2 typical farms of the region, one in an old farmhouse with modern extensions, the other, a large agricultural building perched on a mountainside. Numerous new factories are available. A completely new village gathers points of sale, farms, and production facilities. This map consists of 86 fields of crops, about ten forest plots, and a stream called the Dubion.

Features Pallegney Map:
– The roofs of houses get wet during rain.
– Roads get wet, dry, and frost over in winter.
– You may see puddles of water in certain fields.
– Some factories have new functions like the sawmill or mills.
– Two new agricultural cooperatives.
– New crops such as mustard, triticale, and alfalfa.
– A crane for transporting wood to the sawmill or to the Fretodis center.
– An area to build your own farm.
– Cheese production directly on the farm or in the communal dairy.
– A secret quest about the history of a funny animal from the Vosges.
– And a whole multitude of new decors like the mechanic, the Claas dealership, the livestock trader, the water tower, etc.

Tested on game version 1.13.x