Credits: Celobuki

Ravenport 22 – this is a conversion of the Ravenport, base map from FS19. Tried to keep the same Ravenport look but with new and improved textures and lighting. One of the additions is that there are a lot of factories that, after you buy them, can be sold and removed from the map, giving you a useful piece of land that you can use for something else. Also, the train course has been changed a bit since FS19, to follow FS22 standards, so you can use the train to sell your goods and wood.

Features Ravenport 22:
– 26 fields, from small to big, three of which are grass missions.
– 2 Forestry sites
– Collectibles
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– Added more paintable terrain texture.
– Added deep snow weather.
– Custom growth calendar.
– Added a snowy road when it snows and wet asphalt during rain.