Credits: Cavalier Roy

Download mod Riverview Map v1.3 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Riverview – this is a fictional UK map offering every player alike something to do be it forestry, animal care, arable work, production based gameplay. You can sell all barns, sheds, walls etc on the farmyards giving you the ability to customize the farmyard to your liking. Most hedges can be cut away to open fields up giving you the ability to extend or join fields together. All walls, fences and none cuttable heges from around the main road can be sod allowing you to open the map up to suit your play style.

Features Riverview:

  • 49 fields.
  • one of every base game production building placed.
  • A lot of forestry area’s each offering there own unique challenge.
  • Cuttable hedges allowing you to extend or join fields together or just open up the land.
  • Walls, fences and none cuttable hedges can be sold from around the road side, animal pastures and dirt roads.
  • There are 4 farms spread around the map.
  • Multiple sell points so all goods including factory goods can be sold at them.
  • collectables can be found spread around the map.
  • map is precision farming ready and uses a custom soil map.