Credits: Tash

Simple Midwest – a Midwest map with the focus on farming.  Larger fields, simple layout, made for large crop production. Plenty of spaces around the outside to add production and sale points, and all land is bought with production plants, long with the production plants being sellable. Roads are able to be purchased for free so you can do terrain editing right up to the roads.  Snow will also fall on the gravel roads so you can use snow items more.

Features Simple Midwest:
– 3 farms
– 24 fields
– 9 production points
– 13 sale points
– 2 lime stations
– 3 workshops
– 3 gas stations
– 3 methaine stations
– 4 electric chargers
– 15 empty lots for purchase around the edge of the map
– 4 empty lots for purchase in town
– 1 BGA

Tested on game version 1.13.x