Credits: Bulletin Map Builds, The_Gaming_Frog

Thistle Branch — has some of the toughest, steepest slopes only made for the Highly Experienced players. From flipping to auto-leveling, only some of the best machines are able to handle such situations. Adding onto the challenge, there is no log sites and multiple pre-made slope roads. They are formed so you can cut, clear and build your own road. Thistle Bank is open to free range of whatever you choose to do with over 30,000 trees to be cut and sold.

Features Thistle Branch:
— 2 gas stations — 1 in the city, 1 at the sawmill;
— Production Sawmill;
— Carpenter for boards and wood chips;
— Farmer’s market for the sale of wood chips;
— Supermarket for the sale of furniture;
— City Park;
— Easy Sheds for more storage
— Sawmill with log/car/chip storage;
— Mud planes to simulate real mud;
— One road from the city to the sawmill.

Tested on game version 1.8.x