Credits: SP24699

Urjanvaara – is a piece of an imaginary municipality of Hoikka in Kainuu, Finland, inspired by the acclaimed Finnish television series “Metsolat”.

Features Urjanvaara:
– 12 contract fields of various shapes and sizes.
– Another 48 pieces of land covered mostly by rocky, coniferous forest.
– 3 buyable private roads that connect parcels to main roads. Winter maintenance of these smaller roads is up to you.
– Two small lakes surrounded by woodland.
– A purchaseable grain mill.
– Not only a pre-placed buyable sawmill, but also ones that can be built by the player.
– A custom pallet type for planks: stacks that make handling large quantities of lumber a bit quicker.
– An increased selection of constructable player homes.
– A new factory that produces barley juice, a northern alternative for vanilla grape juice.
– Another new production building: oat cereal factory. Makes cereal out of materials that fit the northern setting.
– Harvest levels that are adjusted mostly according to real life sources, while still being balanced for the game.
– A custom crop calendar.
– A soil map for Precision Farming DLC.
– An economy in which more than just few production chains are worth investing in.
– Finnish licence plates. Featuring EU plates, plain white plates and orange tractor plates.
– Dark and snowy winters that put your winter equipment to the test.
– Selling stations for all products appropriate for the setting. These include a grocery store, a hardware store, a freight terminal, an animal dealer and the small farm all viewers of the tv series know.

Tested on game version 1.9.x