Credits: Kasztan18, Hatchback Modding

Wladymirec T25 – this modification adds a small agricultural tractor model with many configurations for farmers players. Władymirec T25 is a tractor that was produced in the Soviet Union and later in Russia from 1972 to 19951. It was produced by Vladimirskij Traktor Zawod (VT3) and Władimirskij Motoro-Traktornyj Zawod1. The tractor was also known as T-25, T-25A, T-25A1, T-25A2, and T-25A3.

Features Wladymirec T25:

– Base Price: 12500 $
– Power: 30 hp
– Top Speed: 26 kph

– working lights, interactive controls, and animations – Customizable options for tire type, front loader attachment, and design elements
– Detailed interior and exterior design
– Compatible with various implements and tools for farming tasks

– Tires
– Front weights
– Wheels weights
– Colors (hood, engine, wheel weights, rims, dummy grill)
– Cabin
– Lights
– Mudflaps
– Attachers
– Front fenders
– Hood

Tested on game version 1.13.x