Credits: NDS - Modding, LS - Schleswig Holstein

Achtern Diek – the teams NDS – MODDING and LS – SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN have released an update for their fictional German 4-way map based on Lower Saxony. You start in the single player as a small contractor (you don’t own any land). Just a farm and lots of machines, which already have one or two hours of operation. You have to manage on the map!! Everything on the menu except the productions are purchased through the farmland. Animals also have a use on the map; you can take pretty much anything to the butcher shop and process it further.
Biogas plants must have one for bale missions!!!

Features Achtern Diek:
– The map has 184 fields, several forests, 14 farms with buildings and 2 without buildings
– Several areas for lumberjacks
– 4 biogas plants.
– Everything on the map, with the exception of products, is purchased through agricultural land.
– There are several silos marked with the NDS logo, you can plant clover and alfalfa and make silage from them.
– Points of sale, production and all standards of the default game.

Tested on game version v1.12.x