Credits: DragonX

GR Zalesie – the map is mostly fictional, because only the terrain is inspired by areas located somewhere in Poland. The map is not universal, so it is not for all players, it is intended for players who value simplicity, order and large fields. As the name suggests, there is one large farm called Zalesie.

Features GR Zalesie:
– 33 fields;
– 39 regions;
– 2 grain purchases;
– Purchase of root crops;
– Purchase of manure;
– Purchase of straw, hay and silage;
– 2 purchases with articles from factories, greenhouses, etc.;
– Woodworking plant;
– Purchase of stones;
– Sale of lime;
– Gas stations;
– Shop with workshop;
– Collecting;
– The gate opens automatically;
– Automatic lighting after dark;
– All buildings and fences on the map were made by the author.

Tested on game version v1.12.x