Credits: Irish_Conor, GlengarBoy, Dylan.C, 4D Modding, Rossco755, OxygenDavid, BulletBill, Farmer_Andy, Disturbed Simulations, Eire Agri Modding

BallySpring – is a fictional Irish map based in the West of Ireland with 172 fields, mainly grassland with some arable fields. There are 10 farm yards to choose from. Highly customisable map with all buildings, walls, hedges, fences and yard clutter etc. removable. All gates on the map are opened by default. This is to allow access to the fields etc. to complete contracts. You can only open/close the gates that are on land that you own. This is a compromise so the gates can be sold.

Features BallySpring:
– Custom Animals: Bulls, Calves, Goats, Ducks and more
– The Goats give you Goats Milk. To collect the Goats Milk from the pasture there is custom versions of the ingame Lizard MKS 8 & MKS 32 Liquid Tankers in the shop
– Custom Cattle Breeds: Hereford, Jersey, Charolais & Simmental plus basegame Holstein, Angus & Limousin
– Multi Terrain Angle
– Maize Plus mod supported
– Animal Grazing mod supported
– Enhanced Animal System mod supported
– Mud System mod supported
– Custom Traffic
– Irish Number Plates
– Custom seasonal growth plan with Cotton and Sugarcane removed (Thanks to Disturbed Simulations)
– Relight Installed
– Custom Sounds
– Custom NPC’s
– Collectibles
– Road Network built in Blender
– All hedges have collisions
– Removable Hedges, Walls, Fences etc. (Press O at the object to remove)
– Productions and sellpoints
– Precision farming ready with realistic soil map
– Most things only work once the land has been bought. Animals, silos etc

Tested on game version v1.13.x