Credits: nop82, otti-peterle [NO-Modding]

Burgenlandkreis – Welcome to the Burgenlandkreis, a region in the south of Sachsen-Anhalt. Adjacent to the Saale/Unstrut wine region.
The map was modeled on the region with 2 real villages and 1 fictitious commercial area.

Features Burgenlandkreis Map:
– 67 fields incl. meadows
– 19 forest areas
– VHS tapes as collectibles (please note, this toy is not a collectible)

In the villages you will find:
Farmland Priessnitz
– Kuhhof Kripendorf (cows, chickens)
– Honey Fiedler (chickens, bees)
– Schmiedel Farm (pigs, cows)
– LPG Prießnitz (workshop, granary)
– Sheep pens outside the village
– Lime mine behind the village
– Dairy farm (place the garbage plate yourself)
– BGA Priessnitz
– Agricultural dealers

Production/sales points Prießnitz
– Furniture manufacturing
– Construction site
– Clothes of the world
– Spinning
– Kindergarten
– Sawmill

Agricultural land of Janisroda

– Farmer Peters (cows, pigs) (Place the plate of shit yourself)
– Shepherd Wilfrid (sheep, including textile production)
– Timber fam. Birkholz
– Fattening of Janisroda pigs

Production/sales points Janisroda
– Workshop with a point of sale of motor oil
– Bakery
– Restaurant “Local Hotel”
– Sugar factory
– Supermarket
– Pet dealer
– 2 construction sites for stones and lime/cement for fattening pigs

Tested on game version v1.13.x