Credits: Iron Thunder

Gnadenthal – is located in Manitoba, Canada. The map is based off the real town of Gnadenthal and the fields around it, but quite a bit of things were changed to improve gameplay. The map features a variety of different farming areas, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. From large open fields for crop cultivation to smaller plots for specialty crops, there is plenty of room for players to explore and expand their farms.

Features Gnadenthal:
– Over 100 realistically sized fields.
– Contracts on all the fields.
– Three farms.
– Nearly 50 houses with individual farmlands and sleeping points.
– Two rivers, in which you can refill your trailers with water.
– 100 Collectibles.
– 4 Production sites.
– Refill points for seeds, solid and liquid fertilizer, lime, herbicide and salt.

Changes in v1.5.0.1:
– Fixed the Blumengart sellpoint.
– Fixed the bale trigger for Exports sellpoint.
– Potentially fixed the error for dedicated servers. (‘mapCA/map.i3d.terrain.lod.type.cache’ is too big. Size 32 MB (max 10 MB))

Tested on game version 1.13.x