Credits: Funtom007, Máca, JOSHmodels, VBMmodding, Nismo, Thenevsova36, AAAmodding, Piotrmosz, Coufy, FSHmodding, SMOK, Kamilos0397

CeskoSlovenska – is a highly detailed and realistic map mod for Farming Simulator 22, depicting the beautiful countryside of Czechoslovakia. This map features a diverse landscape with rolling hills, forests, rivers, and farmland, providing players with a variety of environments to explore and work in. Players can expect to find authentic Czechoslovakian architecture and infrastructure throughout the map, adding to the overall immersion and sense of place.

Features CeskoSlovenska Map:
– Converted from FS19 to FS22;
– Several dozen fields;
– Fields can be bought;
– Points of sale;
– Score;
– Relief;
– Forest zones.
– Main crops + alfalfa. At the moment it can only be tied to a silage pit and cannot be made into bales; 
– Manure – You can buy manure here if you don’t have cows, and if you have a lot of manure you can export it there and then load it onto a loading belt; 
– Airport – here you can buy all fertilizers and sprayers; 
– Haystack – This is where you store hay and straw and then feed it through the blower; Water can be collected for free from a pond or for a lot of money from a reservoir; Cows, sheep, horses;

Tested on game version 1.14.x