Credits: Shnurok, Erlan10

Don 1500 – this modification adds a high quality russian harvester model with header for farmers players. The set for the combine includes three grain headers ZHU 6; 7; and 8.6, harvester PSP 10 for harvesting sunflower and corn, as well as a harvester cart. The harvester has a choice of year of manufacture (they have visual differences among themselves), three types of color, as well as a choice of cab color with an additional white color.

Features Don 1500:
– Price: 85,000 €;
– Power: 220 hp;
– Maximum speed: 22 km/h;
– Color selection;
– The choice of the year of manufacture (they have visual differences among themselves);
– Choice of cladding;
– Choice of a complete set (kopnitel, grinder);
– Choice of serial number;
– The choice of rubber bands on the handrails (no / yes);
– The choice of air conditioning;
– Selecting a heater (no / yes);
– Choice of beacon;
– Choice of trailer;
– Choice of wheels;
– Number plates.

Tested on game version 1.8.x