Credits: macktrucker921

Reaper 2000 Harvester – is a modern, advanced harvesting machine designed for farmers and agricultural businesses to efficiently gather crops. It is equipped with a powerful engine, heavy-duty tires, and sharp cutting blades for smooth and effective harvesting. The machine features an adjustable header that allows farmers to harvest crops of varying heights, making it versatile for use in different fields.

Features Reaper 2000 Harvester:
– Base price $510,500
– Lots of tire configurations to choose from.
– Body, interior, and seat are color configurable.
– Over 100 extra colors in addition to the base colors.
– There are 3 engine configurations to choose from:
825Hp – base
1520Hp – $25,500
2050Hp – $55,530
– 14,400 liters capacity standard
– Un-realistic capacity configurations from 250,000 liters to EXTREME 1,500,000 liters.
– Choice of 2 pipe length configurations.
– Can handle an 18 meter header easily.
– Can be configured as different brands.
– Can be configured with a strobe lightbar, corner strobes, or both with many different color options.
*NOTE strobe lights can trigger certain players that may be sensitive to flashing lights. Strobe lights are set to NONE as a default.
– Choice of body decals with 4 separate styles.
– Decals can also be set to “None” (default) if they are not wanted.

Tested on game version 1.12.x