Credits: Razor Modding Team

DT-75 Kazakhstan – the caterpillar model of the tractor DT-75 “Kazakhstan” was developed during the Soviet era. The developed construction industry, as well as vast agricultural lands, needed new, high-performance equipment. DT-75 “Kazakhstan” has become an innovation that can meet the needs and solve problems in industries. For the first time DT-75 were assembled in 1956. These were experimental vehicles, and their purpose was to replace the DT-59 model.

Features DT-75 Kazakhstan:
– Power: 66 kW / 90 hp;
– Speed: 12 km/h;
– Volume of a fuel tank: 430 l.;
– Cost: 7 550 €;
– Choice of primary color;
– Choice of color of the upper part of the roof;
– Choose the color of the front of the hood;
– Choice of color of skating rinks;
– Selecting the color of the panel;
– Counterweight configuration;
– Shield configuration;
– Headlight configuration;
– Fire extinguisher configuration;
– License plate configuration;
– Adjustable hitch;
– Animated devices, pedals, levers;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Leaves traces;
– Dirty and washable;
– The effect of aging.

Tested on game version 1.8.x