Credits: Giants Software

Great news from Giants Software presenting ,,Patch 1.9.1″ released for download for Farming Simulator 22 game.

Patch 1.9.1 for FS22 – is a free content update is available for Farming Simulator 22. Patch 1.9.1 is now available to download and makes the game ready for all those new features, machines, and improvements. 

Changes & Improvements in Update 1.9.1 for FS22:

Bugfixes & Changes
– Mixerwagon info HUD works again
– Fixed folding issues on the cotton harvesters
– Fixed issues with bale transport tools
– Bales from missions can now be stored in the “Bale & Pallet Storage”
– Fixed automatic motor turn off on the John Deere CP690
– Fixed functionality of plows to properly remove chopped straw from the ground
– Improved stability of physics joints
– Proper hardware profile mapping of Intel ARC GPUs
– Updated to FSR 2.2
– Updated to DLSS 3.1 (Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements)
– Screenspace Shading Rate Bug Fixes & Improvements

New additions

– PC/Mac: Added paste (Ctrl + V) support for text/password input fields

New vehicles and tools
– Massey Ferguson MF 6S
– Massey Ferguson MF 7S
– Massey Ferguson MF 2370 Ultra HD
– Massey Ferguson MF RB 4160V Protec
– Fendt Squadra 1290 N UD
– Fendt Rotana 160 V Combi

– As with all major updates to Farming Simulator, you may experience stuttering on the first game launch after the update when using mods or custom graphics settings due to shaders being recompiled.