Credits: Giants Software

Platinum Patch 1.3 – is a free content update is available for Farming Simulator 22. New patch brings new additions, fixes, and more. It is recommended to install it for a better gameplay experience. There’s a new patch available for the Platinum Expansion & Edition of Farming Simulator 22! With the Wood-Mizer LT15 CLASSIC, a new sawmill becomes available to be placed on your land. 

Changes in Platinum Patch 1.3:
New Additions

  • new placable sawmill with Wood-Mizer LT15 CLASSIC
  • mineshaft now also available as placeable on other maps

Bugfixes & Changes

  • fixed indoor camera of Manitou M504
  • added new draw bar for Pfanzelt P13 including hydraulic hoses
  • improved driving behavior of Volvo trucks
  • improved arm controls of Volvo L200H & Impex Hannibal T50
  • fixed collisions and weight of Lodgepole Pines
  • fixed issues with pallets and trailer fill limit setting
  • fixed automatic arm alignment of Volvo EC380DL
  • fixed issues with grapples getting stuck and won’t close anymore
  • fixed grabbing small logs with the Pfanzelt PmTrac
  • fixed winch rope not attached to the roll on Tajfun EGV 65
  • fixed PTO attaching on the Kotschenreuther K300R
  • increased reward for deadwood
  • reduced spray levels to 2 as on the other maps
  • improved grapple of the L200H, so it won’t get stuck in a weird position
  • wood chip selling stations now accept poplar bales as well
  • various visual fixes on the vehicles