Credits: Stevie

FlatOut Farm 4X – the map is 4X in size and is what I was working on when I stopped and released the FS22 My Lands 4X player creation pc map. The farm yard is huge, central to the map, everything is removable, all needed productions and storage are located on the farm and it has all animals except horses.

Features FlatOut Farm 4X:
– Smooth terrain.
– 19 large and huge fields.
– Large starting yard in the center of the map with livestock complexes and storage facilities + 4 starting fields.
– Production facilities are collected in one zone.
– Several additional crops.

Changes in v1.0.0.3:
– fixed the map icon in the mod manager,
– updated loading screen,
– greenhouses are balanced,
– fixed the purchase trigger at the fuel tank,
– fixed pile of manure for pigs.

Tested on game version v1.13.x