Credits: Stevie

Ringwoods – another top map mod added for farmers players in FS22 from the author Stevie. The map feature’s 2 farms in new farmer mode however they will be cleared in start from scratch and farm manager modes although some key sell points will be retained. The map has multiangle terrain, multifruit’s with extra straw types, custom animals and feeds, is seasons ready, has a basic precision farming map, placeable areas, a huge forestry trail around the map edge for logging and more.

Features Ringwoods:
– Converted from FS19 to FS22;
– The map has a polygonal landscape;
– Add. crops with additional types of straw;
– Non-standard animals and feed;
– Ready for the Seasons;
– Precision farming base map;
– Purchased plots;
– Traffic and pedestrians;
– BGA;
– Forest path along the edge of the map for logging;
– All additional vehicles are included in the map and can be found in the store. Equipment for carrots and bows can be found in the “Miscellaneous” section of the store.

Changes in v1.0.1.2:
– Fixed bugs related to compatibility with premium extensions
– A new save is required.

Tested on game version 1.13.x