Credits: MoslessNeo

Grand View Lands – is based on the original topography of the X1 map, with large fields it’s ideal for big vehicles, Course Play and Auto Drive.

Features Grand View Lands:
– Map focus is large-scale production
– Production area of 280.64 hectares divided into eight fields of varied sizes: from 22 to 50 hectares.
– Ample space for you to build your farm, with green areas leveled and divided into modules
– A full BGA with garage
– A resort where you can take care of your horses: Wild Pony Resort
– Twenty-four points for installing wind turbines
– Train system for transport and sale of production: Locomotive composed of ten wagons with a capacity of 90,000 liters each (Total 900,000 L)
– Mill to produce premium flour
– Complex for processing milk and dairy products
– Complex for selling grain in the northeast region of the map
– Fuel station
– Complete transit system (Auto Drive help)
– Course play friendly map
– Twenty-two farmlands (price per ha 60,000)
– Pleasant ambient sound
– Quiet neighbors – never home. 

Tested on game version 1.8.x