Credits: RajotGPLAY

Kolonia 1990 – the map comes from FS19 and this is enhanced with new terrain. The buildings on the map have been adapted to the latest FS22 standards and the map, although it looks a bit different, still very much resembles its predecessor.

Features Kolonia 1990:

– 2 Cow Farms
– 94 fields (including 6 grass meadows)
– 137 Farmland
– New paintings
– Biogas plant
– Forests
– 5 sales points (including one train)
– Purchase of stone and lime
– Diversified land
– New Holland” machinery dealer
– Purchase point “TARG” (buys everything)
– Space to build your own farm (fields 10 and 11)
– New colour shades on the map
– Productions: Sawmill, Mill, Dairy, Carpenter
– 100 toys to be found 

Tested on game version 1.8.x