Credits: JonnyXPRO

Hills Of Tuscany – welcome in Tuscany, “Every hill has a village. Every village has a story. Every story has a secret to tell and experience”. This map is set in Italian territory, especially in the Tuscany region; the map is partially real and was developed in an essential way to make the game enjoyable and smooth.

Features Hills Of Tuscany:

– Map with 102 fields, mostly hilly, of different form and dimension.
– Fields created with the possibility of being combined.
– Vineyards of red and white grapes.
– Intensive production olive groves and trees with ‘umbrella’ machine harvesting.
– Greenhouses with plantation and nursery.
– Complete farming company with four fenced areas for animals, silos, garages in Italian style.
– The production chains of the base game are scattered all over the map.
– All the products of the game can be sold in different shops.
– Five areas can be bought to install new productions or to build new customised farms.
– The map is ready for Precision Farming and uses a customised map of the ground.
– Wide forest areas.
Game suggestions:
– Purchase tractors with power appropriate to the implement.
– If you want to use of helpers, it is recommended to manually work the perimeter of the field at least twice and then proceed up and down.
– Medium-sized vehicles and tools up to 8 metres are recommended

Required Mods
Fuel Tank (By: Miki Mapper)
Italian Shed Package (By: Miki Mapper)
Animal Barn Pack (By: ALiEN JiM)
Olives + Olive Picker (By: raulycristi1 [VSR Modding Sur])
Greenhouse And Nursery (By: GWENDAL)

Tested on game version 1.8.x