Credits: Agro Tonho, Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera

John Deere 8030 – introducing the John Deere 8030 Series tractors, built with thunderous power and impressive performance. Impressive performance comes from a new PowerShift automatic variable transmission with 16 forward and 4 reverse speeds.

Features John Deere 8030:
– John Deere 8050 Price: $185000
– John Deere 8050 ILS Price: $210,000
– 8230, 8330, 8430, 8530 and 8530 chiptuned models options
– Powers of 248, 300, 310, 345 and 400 hp corresponding to the models in the previous topic
– 5 optional tire brands
– Options for single, balloon, double, fine, fine double wheels, sugarcane and rice fields, with both American and European configurations
– Controllable animations of the door, window, mirrors, steering column, sun visor, traffic lights, in the ILS model it has an animation of the front suspension height
– Optional rear weights separate from tire options
– 4 shades of glass
– Numbering options from 1 to 9
– Internal props options
– Optional antennas and Green Star
– optional front and rear fenders
– Optional chain, tool box and water container
– 3 exhaust options, being the standard, chrome tip and direct exhaust
– 20 cabin light configurations along with headlights on the front grille
– Gyroflex and traffic lights options
– 7 configurations of front weights along with front linkage, in the same configuration there is the option with the rear linkage or without    

Tested on game version 1.8.x