Credits: Custom Modding

Download mod John Deere S700 Series Combines v1.0 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game. 

John Deere S700 Series – A combine derives its name from what it does: combine three separate harvesting steps — reaping, threshing and winnowing — into one. Our new S-Series combines do that and much more. They match the best harvesting capabilities with smart technology to ensure that your harvest is the best possible — year in and year out. The S-Series has had a long history of harvesting excellence, and that tradition continues with the new S700 Combines.

Features John Deere S700 Series:
– Model: S-Series Combines
– Base Price: $591,567
– Rated Power: 333 – 543HP
– Capacity: 10,600 – 24,667 liter
– Models S760, S770, S780 and S790. Special features for each
– Model year 2017-2021 and 2022
– Model country: United States, Canada, Brazil and Australia
– Tires Lizard and Michelin
– Various track configurations (Lizard)
– Extender Monitors 4600 Displays (manual foldable)
– Axle Length options
– Exhaust options
– Patriot version (plotting stickers)
– Beacon options
– Numbers options
– Window Tint
– Opening the side covers including animation for stairs (for maintenance)
– Rear attacher options
– 8 Grain Tanks options: Standard Static, Standard Static without Tarp, Standard Static with Tarp, Standard Static + Crary Big Top, Advanced Foldable, Demco CIH XL Grain Tank, Demco CIH XL + Tip Up Grain Tank and DW Grain Tank
– Spreaders options
– Oversize signs
– 7 Pipe sizes. Including extended version to work with 60-ft headers
– Extender for pipes
– Realistic prices
– Realistic animations

Tested on game version 1.8.x