Credits: VolgaFS, KOVSH

KamAZ 44108 – this modification adds a high quality russian truck in many configurations for farmers players in FS22. KamAZ 44108 is a powerful truck made by the Russian automobile company KamAZ. It is designed for transporting heavy loads over long distances, and it has a maximum load capacity of 20 tons. The cabin is designed for comfort and convenience, with air conditioning, a heater, and ergonomic seats. The safety features of the KamAZ 44108 include an anti-lock braking system, power steering, and a reinforced frame that provides additional protection for the driver and passengers.

Features KamAZ 44108:
– Power: 240, 260 hp;
– Speed: 90 km/h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 210 l.;
– Cost: 84,000 €;
– Cab color selection;
– Choice of body color;
– Installation color selection;
– Tool color selection;
– Rim color selection;
– Body configuration;
– Bumper / trim / mirrors / cab configuration;
– Configuration of the sleeping bag;
– Exhaust pipe configuration;
– Crowbar/claw/hook gripping configuration;
– Wheel configuration;
– Engine configuration;
– License plate configuration;
– Fixing straps;
– Dynamic hoses;
– Animated instruments, pedals, gearbox lever, gimbals, suspension, mudguards;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Working mirrors;
– Leaves traces;
– Gets dirty and washes;
– Udim;
– Volume: 18,000 liters.

Tested on game version 1.10.x