Credits: Ser-hi-i, dynamofan

Vesele – the map was created on the basis of the terrain of one of the picturesque corners of Ukraine. The map has 18 fields of various sizes and configurations that can be used to grow standard and additional crops, two lakes (one of which can be used to grow fish), two forest plots that can be bought.  Many productions, from a grain dryer to a factory of semi-finished products, diversify the gameplay. Crop and livestock products can be processed on them. For fans of forestry, there is an opportunity to produce and sell wood products.

Features Vesele Map:
– The map has 18 fields of different sizes and configurations.
– Two plots with forest that can be purchased.
– There are two lakes where you can collect water for your farm.
– There are collectible items.
– Five points of sale where you can sell all crops – a shop in the center of the village, two elevators, a boiler house, a point of sale of root crops, hay, straw, etc.

Changes in v1.9.2:
– Fixed contracts with additional crops
– Added collision mask on reservoirs for workers
– Fixed collisions of some trees
– Fixed extra crops in the granary
– Changed the volume of feed for cats

Tested on game version 1.14.x