Credits: Timerzyanov102, МАС, Erlan10

Kirovets K-700A – this modification adds a high-quality russian tractor with configurations and a pack of various animations. The tractor is designed for agricultural (plowing and deep loosening of the soil, cultivation, disking, harrowing, stubble peeling, sowing, snow retention), transport, road construction, land reclamation, earthmoving and other works in an aggregate with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed wide-cut machines. 

Features Kirovets K-700:
– Price: 73000 $
– Power: 220 hp
– Max Speed: 33,8 kph
– Standard; – Caps; – Weights on the front wheels (2 options);
– Weights on the rear wheels (2 options);
– Loads on all wheels (2 options);
– Front spark wheel;
– Sparky on all wheels.
– Removable motor side shields.
– Decal configurations (stickers) on the right/left doors.