Credits: Newell_Gaming

Lake Providence La 4x – After a long week of building your new home, you get the good news that your damn brown truck can be picked up at the dealership. You are ready to leave the past behind and start a new journey. You have saved $100,000 and now you have to decide what you want to do. The possibilities are endless!

Feature Map:
– Zero errors, zero warnings
– Multifruit – Carrots, Lavender, Alfalfa, Clover, Rye, Hops, Cabbage, Hemp, Tobacco, Spelt, Millet, Onion, Triticale, Rice, Mustard, Buckwheat, Peas
– 100 Collectibles
– 122 fields (.061 ha to 29.25 ha)
– 250 Farmlands (some productions bought with farmland)
– Has town with fields, sellpoints and productions
– TP Pits (WIP)
– 25 Paintable Textures (Mountain Rock, River Mud, Concrete Brick, Cobblestone, Concrete Tiles, Gravel Dirt, Gravel Dust, Asphalt, etc.)
– Additional Paintable Foliages
– Additional Trees & Bushes Added to “Decorations”
– TP FillTypes (Dirt, Coal, Tailings, Lithium Ore, Crude Oil, Rubber, Tires, Asphalt, Concrete, etc.)

Tested on game version 1.10.x